St. Albert’s HSS

St. Albert’s School was established by Fr. Candidus, an Italian missionary with the permission of Archdiocese of Verapoly with 31 students on 1 February 1892.  It was popularly known as St. Albert’s High School till 1998, when it was upgraded to a higher secondary school. It is the oldest boys school in Kochi.  In 1984, a new pyramid shaped (Pagoda) building was constructed over the old U shaped building facing the school ground. As the School celebrated its Centenary in 1992, the two old Gothic buildings were refurnished by replacing the wooden first floor with concrete floor and constructed an open stage at the school ground in memory of Msgr. Chakiamury. In 1994, a new High School building (Honey Comb) was constructed over old LP building. It has 1800 students and 85 teachers and non teaching staff on a five-acre (2.0 ha) campus.