Born 08-02-1805 (Kainakary)
Died 03-01-1871 (Koonammavu)
Servant of God 08-12-1958
Venerated 07-04-1984
Beatified 08-02-1986
Canonized 23-11-2014

He was a visionary Carmelite priest whose creative and path breaking initiatives played a pivotal role in initiating a spiritual and social awareness in the Verapoly Vicariate. He was appointed as the Vicar General of the Verapoly Vicariate by the Archbishop Most Rev. Dr. Bernadine Baccenelli OCD, then Vicar Apostolic of Verapoly (1859-1868). He served his last seven years of his life at St. Philomena’s Church, Koonamavu being its Parish Priest and Superior of the Monastery. He bid adieu to his illustrious earthly life January 3rd 1871 at St. Philomena’s Church, Koonamavu and was buried there. His tomb at St. Philomena’s Church, Koonamavu is maintained impeccably and is an abode of solace to thousand of devotees. The rooms where the saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara lived are preserved with due respect and dignity, keeping the original furnishings. St. Philomena’s Church, Koonamavu was raised to the status of Archdiocesan Pilgrim centre considering its historical and religious relevance.


Born 19-07-1862 (Spain)
Died 27-02-1943 (Spain)
Servant of God 22-09-1978
Venerated 12-01-1996

Fr. John Vincent of Jesus Mary OCD, zealous Carmelite missionary came to India leaving his homeland Spain and spent 17 years in Kerala. He landed at Verapoly Archdiocese in the Year 1900 and spent 4 years engaging himself in spiritual ministries at the island of Varapuzha. He was appointed as the parish priest as well as the vicar forane of Mount Carmel Church, Chathiath during 1911-1912. While he was the parish priest of Mount Carmel Church, Chathiath, people used to call him with love and respect ‘Vincent Muppachan’. In the year 1970 he was called back to Spain for higher responsibilities. He bid adieu to his illustrious earthly life on 27th February 1943 at Spain. Saint Pope John Paul II elevated him to the status of Servant of God and later to the status of Venerable on 12th January 1996. He was really a man of God along with his good works and spiritual care for mankind.


Born 27-06-1887 (Spain)
Died 16-11-1963 (Aluva)
Servant of God 17-12-1980
Venerated 26-03-1999

He was a theologian, professor, writer and spiritual leader. He was a Spanish priest who trained over 1, 500 priests and who lived in India for more than 50 years. He was born at Archunduaga, Basauri near Bilbao Province, Spain. He reached India on October 9, 1912. Father Aurelian was the spiritual director (1914 – 44), vice rector (1934 – 44) and rector (1944 – 56) of the St Joseph’s pontifical Seminary, Aluva, Kerala. He was a source of inspirations to thousands of seminarians and people around him. The mortal remains of venerable Fr. Aurelian OCD is preserved at Immaculate Conception Church, Manjummel.


Born 05-11-1887 (Spain)
Died 23-05-1957 (Aluva)
Servant of God 14-01-1987
Venerated 27-01-2014

The Venerable Fr. Zacharias OCD (1887 – 1957), a man of God for man, came to India in 1912 leaving his homeland Spain, spent 45 years in Kerala, teaching and forming the priests of Kerala in St. Joseph’s Pontifical Seminary Carmelgiri, Aluva. He served the Church and society as a missionary, writer, social worker, bridge builder between religions and Churches and above all as an instrument of God’s compassionate love to everyone. He was well versed in western and Indian culture, religion and philosophy. In 1957 he was called to be with the Lord. Now the Holy Mother Church has elevated him to the status of Venerable, acknowledging his heroic virtues. The mortal remains of venerable Fr. Zacharias OCD is preserved at Immaculate Conception Church, Manjummel.


Born 15-10-1831
Died 18-07-1913
Servant of God 30-08-2008

She was the precursor of women religious in Kerala and the foundress of the first indigenous Congregation (TOCD) for women in Kerala. She established the first convent school, boarding house and orphanage for girls in Kerala Church and provided a value oriented and integral formation to girls and women. After 24 years of foundation, the TOCD Congregation was divided according to Latin and Syro-Malabar rites. The division of the Congregation of the TOCD for women enabled the independent growth of the two branches of the TOCD Congregation. The Congregation of Teresian Carmelites (CTC) and the Congregation of the Mother of Carmel (CMC) are the two religious congregations originated from this TOCD Congregation for women founded by Servant of God Mother Eliswa on 13th February 1866.


Born 20-07-1913
Died 04-04-1968
Servant of God 10-01-2005

Three and a half decades have passed since the demise of Fr. Theophane. Yet the spiritual power and influence this holy Capuchin sage has over thousands of sorrowing human hearts have not the least diminished, rather have ever been intensified and widespread since his death. Etymologically ‘Theophin’ means the Divine Manifestation. He revealed God in his words, deeds and thoughts to everyone he came across during his lifetime. Even though he is no more in this world in flesh and blood, his worthy spirit prevalent among the believers goes on revealing the love and compassion of God to every sorrowing soul approaching his tomb at Ponnurunni.


Born 12-09-1883
Died 04-11-1931
Servant of God 01-09-2013

He was parish priest at St. Mary Magdalene Church, Maradu in the Archdiocese of Verapoly. The Death Anniversary of Fr. George Vakayil is observed by the Church as a day of remembrance on 4 November of every year. During his life time itself many a faithful experienced him as a Saintly person and he is popularly know as “Achan Punyalan” Thousands of devotees participate in the “Nerchasadya” and Holy Mass and on that day. Fr. George Vakayil was declared as Servant of God on 1 September 2013 at St. Mary Magdalene Church, Maradu, Moothedam by the Metropolitan Archbishop, His Grace the Most Rev. Dr. Francis Kallarakal.


Born 29-01-1858
Died 12-09-1902
Servant of God 22-08-2015

The Foundress of the Carmelite Sisters of St. Teresa (CSST), Mother Teresa led a God-centred life. She worked whole-heartedly in the service of the poor and the illiterate. Mother Teresa arrived in Ernakulam, Kerala, at the behest of Most Rev. Leonardo Mellano, Archbishop of Verapoly to start an English medium school for girls and also to found a Convent for religious Sisters. The Congregation was founded on April 24, 1887. Mother Teresa’s conduct in every circumstance of her life was remarkably spiritual. The Eucharistic presence of our Lord gave her hope in “troubled times” – a therapeutic remedy for her troubled mind: The values that nurtured in prayer life was her Faith, the Will of God and Trust in the Providence of God. Now the Catholic Church has elevated her to the status of Servant of God, acknowledging her virtuous life.


Born 25-06-1894
Died 21-01-1970
Servant of God 21-01-2020

He was nominated Titular Archbishop of Gabulla and Co-adjutor to Archbishop Angel Mary on November 29, 1932 and was consecrated in Rome by H.H. Pope Pius XI on June 11, 1933. Dr. Joseph Attipetty assumed the reigns of administration on December 21, 1934 after the resignation of Dr. Angel Mary. He is the first indigenous Archbishop of Verapoly Archdiocese. His Pallium Investiture took place on July 25, 1935. He expired on January 21, 1970. The number of churches, monasteries, convents, seminaries, schools, colleges, technical institutions, printing presses, hospitals, homes for retired priests, home for the aged, social centres and various associations and institutes dedicated to intellectual and vocational apostolates that have come into being in this archdiocese during Archbishop Joseph Attipetty’s tenure of office is truly impressive. Archbishop Joseph Attippetty was declared Servant of God on 21st January 2020.


Born 10-05-1908
Died 20-03-2004
Servant of God

Msgr. Emmanuel Lopez was born in an Anglo-Indian family as the eldest son among the four children of Eliaz Lopez and Treasa Lopez on 10 May 1908 at Chathiath in Emakulam, Kerala. He received the sacraments of baptism, Holy Communion and confirmation from his parish church of Mount Carmel which was built in 1673. It is the largest and oldest parish of the Archdiocese of Verapoly. He joined the Apostolic School (Seminary) in Ernakulam on 23 May 1921. After the completion of SSLC, in January 1926 he was sent to the Papal Seminary in Kandy, Sri Lanka. After eight years of Major Seminary formation and studies, at the age of 26, on 26 August 1934 he was ordained to priesthood in Kandy. After coming back to the Archdiocese, he was appointed as assistant parish priest of Holy Family Church at Perumpilly from 1935-1939. Later Msgr. Emmanuel Lopez rendered his priestly ministries 23 years as Parish Priest of Infant Jesus Parish from 1939-1962. His great personality, successful parish administration and holy life led him to be part of the Archdiocesan Administration from 1962. He was appointed as the Spiritual director of the St. Joseph’s petit seminary attached to the Archdiocesan Curia at that time. From 1962 onwards Msgr. Lopez was chaplain and a regular visitor at the Government General Hospital for 35 long years and judicial vicar and judge of the Marriage Tribunal for 14 years. He served the Archdiocese as Consultor, Pro-Vicar General, Vicar General, Diocesan Administrator and Judicial Vicar for 14 years. He was a judge of the Marriage tribunal until death. The span of his priestly life extended from 1934-2004, from the first native Archbishop Attipetty to Archbishop Daniel. He went to his heavenly home on 20 March 2004 at the time of Archbishop Daniel Acharuparambil. He was buried in his own parish cemetery of Mount Carmel Church.

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